Lighting Retrofit

Upgrade Your Lighting. Cut the Losses.

The Lighting Retrofit offers flexible, affordable and energy efficient solutions to replace existing lamps and luminaries.


Replacement of Existing Luminaire with LEDs

Remove and replace fluorescent parabolic troffers, pendants, and HID wall packs with an LED fixture.


Replacement of Lamps/ Ballasts with matched LEDs

The existing luminaires are left intact but you replace the lamps with LED equivalent lamps and bypass/ remove the ballasts.


Convert the Existing Luminaires to LED

If you are not planning a comprehensive remodelling of a facility, you can convert the existing luminaires to LED.

What Do We Offer?

Our Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

SDGenergy offers one of the widest ranges of Lighting Services in the UAE!

Healthcare Lighting

Create a Healing Environment

Install LED lights and fixtures that improve the overall aesthetics and provide an ambient environment by combining warm and cool lighting effects.

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Public Lighting

Lighting for Municipalities

Showcasing contemporary designs and engineering, we meet the need of public structures like Mosques, plazas, walkways and offices.

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Utility Lighting

Powering the power hubs

Electricity, generated by a power plant, flows through several substations at different voltages, before reaching the end user and factory.

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Commercial Lighting

Savings and Aesthetics

Choose elegantly styled lighting designs to add emotional value to anything. Improve overall customer experience by focusing on energy efficient lighting.

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What Have We Done?

Our Largest Partners in the UAE

SDGenergy offers one of the widest ranges of Lighting Services in the UAE!

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport Lighting Retrofit Project

The project was completed in 2 years and had to be carried out despite pandemic delays, and constraints such the vast real estate.

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Dubai Dry Docks

Lighting Retrofit Performance Contract

An energy & light audit was conducted to identify the energy consumption and lux levels of the existing lighting.

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Healthcare City

LED Lighting Retrofit Solution for DHC

SDGenergy has carried out Energy Audit and Energy Saving Solution through upgrading the outdated lights with energy-efficient LEDs.

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See Our Projects

With our range of energy services

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Zulekha Hospital

Lighting Retrofit

Intetior and Exterior Lighting for Zulekha Hospital

Spring Souk

Lighting Retrofit

Entire Interior and Exterior Lighting for Spring Souk


Lighting Retrofit

Interior & Facade Lighting for Al Thowima Residences


Lighting Retrofit

Lighting for AWQAF Mosque